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The second series aired in 2016

Author: Alex RossPublished 20th May 2024

With the thanks to contestants like Kady McDermott, Olivia Bowen and Nathan Massey, it's fair to say the second series of popular ITV2 dating show Love Island will go down in history as one of the most explosive yet.

Although it's been a massive eight years since series two hit our screens (we can't believe it either), some Islanders are still a huge hit with fans, with some even going on to both marriage and babies, as well as landing huge deals for their careers.

We've decided to take a trip down memory lane to see what the likes of Alex Bowen, Scott Thomas, Tom Powell, Malin Andersson and Cara de la Hoyde are up to now!

Where are the cast of Love Island series 2 now?

THEN: Cara de la Hoyde

Kent girl Cara de la Hoyde entered the villa at the age of 26 on Day 1 of Love Island series two.

After coupling up with Nathan Massey on the first day, the pair never looked back and went on to win the show, after 45 days in the villa.

THEN: Nathan Massey

Nathan was the cheeky Essex chap who stole the heart of Cara de la Hoyde!

After entering on Day 1 and coupling up with Cara, the 25-year-old won a share of the money when he was crowned the winner alongside his girl.

NOW: Cara de la Hoyde and Nathan Massey

Cara and Nathan are a real success story from the show! After winning series two and splitting the prize money, the pair announced they were expecting their first child together in 2019.

Although they split for a few months during Cara's pregnancy, the couple rekindled their romance and welcomed a baby boy called Freddie.

During a holiday to Spain, Cara and Nathan returned to the Love Island villa, where Nathan proposed to his girl in the same spot they first met! A year later the pair got married in a stunning ceremony in Kent.

Cara and Nathan extended their family in July 2020, welcoming a baby girl into the world called Delilah.

THEN: Olivia Buckland

22-year-old Olivia from Chelmsford entered the Love Island villa on Day 1, initially coupling up with model Daniel Lukakis. After just a week Olivia then coupled with Rykard Jenkins and later with Adam Maxted.

However, things all changed for Olivia on Day 18, when Alex Bowen entered the villa and caught Olivia's eye! It turned out the pair were a match made in heaven, making it all the way to the final and finishing the show in second place behind Cara and Nathan.

THEN: Alex Bowen

Although 24-year-old Alex Bowen didn't enter the villa until Day 18, he certainly made an impact from that moment forward, especially for Olivia Buckland!

Despite going on dates with both Katie and Zara during his time on the show, it was clear to see Alex was smitten for Olivia.

NOW: Olivia and Alex Bowen

Although Olivia and Alex finished series two in second place behind Cara and Nathan, they went on to become one of the most popular Love Island couples in history.

Alex popped the question to Olivia just five months after the pair left the villa, during a romantic trip to New York. The couple then went on to get married in Essex in September 2018.

The couple announced they were expecting their first child together on New Year's Day in 2022, with Olivia giving birth to a baby boy later in the year.

THEN: Kady McDermott

At the age of only 20, Kady McDermott joined the villa on Day 3 to stir some drama, and it certainly didn't take her long.

Despite enjoying dates with Javi, Daniel and Adam, Kady coupled up with Scott Thomas, with the pair staying together for the entire series.

Although Kady made it to the final with Scott, the pair finished in third place behind Olivia and Alex, and Cara and Nathan.

NOW: Kady McDermott

After a year together, Kady and Love Island boyfriend Scott split in December 2017.

After her split from Scott, Kady went on to date the likes of TOWIE's Myles Barnett and Aston Villa footballer Matty Cash, but it now appears she's single.

However, in March 2022, eagle-eyed fans thought she'd rekindled her romance with Scott after she posted a number of photos in the Maldives. Despite this, neither have spoken about the romance.

Professional make-up artist Kady has launched her own vegan cosmetic brand called By Kady, as well as working with an animal sanctuary, which is based in Morocco. In 2023 she made a return to Love Island!

THEN: Scott Thomas

Scott, who is the brother of actors Ryan and Adam Thomas, entered the Love Island villa on Day 1, coupling up with Zara during the first coupling.

However, it didn't take long for Scott to recouple with Kady when she entered a few days later, with the pair going on to make it to the final.

Scott and Kady finished in third place behind Cara and Nathan, and Alex and Olivia.

NOW: Scott Thomas

After leaving the villa, Scott was hot property, landing a number of modelling deals with brands such as Boohoo Man.

Scott split from Kady in December 2017 and has since been very private with his relationships.

In terms of work, Scott has been a very busy boy. As well as being the founder of PR agency The Social PR, Scott is the co-founder of Food4Thoughts.

Scott has also teamed up with his brother Adam and Ryan for ITV show Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai.

THEN: Adam Maxted

Northern Irish lad Adam Maxted entered the villa on Day 11 and coupled up with a number of girls throughout his time on the show, including Olivia, Zara, Tina and Katie.

Adam made it to the final with Katie, with the pair finishing the show in fourth place.

NOW: Adam Maxted

After leaving the Love Island villa, Adam went on to continue training to become a professional wrestler, making his debut in August 2016. Adam later signed with 5 Star Wrestling and has competed in a number of wrestling competitions over the years.

In 2024, Adam made a return to Love Island for the All Stars series. He entered as the last bombshell and left the villa with Arabella Chi.

THEN: Katie Salmon

20-year-old glamour model Katie didn't enter the the villa until Day 34, but she certainly made an impact!

Katie, who is bisexual, coupled up with Sophie Gradon, before later coupling with Adam and making it to the final.

NOW: Katie Salmon

Katie welcomed her first baby into the world with her fiancé Harry in 2022.

THEN: Emma Jane Woodham

At the age of 19, Emma Jane Woodham was the youngest Islander on the second series, entering the villa on Day 27.

Emma coupled up with Terry when she arrived, before she was dumped from the villa on Day 41, just a few days before the big final.

NOW: Emma Jane Woodham

Despite the drama in the villa, Emma split with Terry after the show, with the model later getting back together with her childhood sweetheart Jordan Bye.

The couple welcomed a baby boy called Alfie in January 2018, but split up just a month later.

Emma has over 300K followers on Instagram and often shares ad posts as a beauty influencer.

THEN: Terry Walsh

28-year-old Surrey lad Terry Walsh was incredibly popular with fans during series two, entering the villa on Day 3.

After coupling up with Malin, Terry actually hinted he might walk from the show when she was dumped. However, as any Love Island fan will know, what went on to unfold will go down in Love Island history...

With Malin gone, it didn't take long for Terry to couple up with Emma, with the pair being dumped together just days before the final.

NOW: Terry Walsh

Unsurprisingly, Terry's romance with Emma didn't work out on the outside world, with the pair splitting eight months after the show.

Terry later started dating Danielle Purdy and proposed to her in August 2020. Despite Terry keeping out of the spotlight and not having any social media, Danielle announced they'd welcomed a baby girl called Talia Renè-Rose in March 2021.

THEN: Malin Andersson

After entering on Day 1, Malin Andersson had a pretty big role in the second series, especially with the drama between herself and Terry.

Despite being dumped on Day 25 and being forced to leave her Love Island boyfriend Terry on the show, Malin was given the chance to return to confront Terry after he cracked on with new girl Emma!

NOW: Malin Andersson

A few years after leaving the Love Island villa, Malin suffered heartbreak after her one-month-old daughter Consy tragically passed away after she was born seven weeks premature.

After years of raising awareness, Malin announced in January 2022 she'd welcomed a baby girl with her boyfriend Jared, with the couple calling her Xaya.

THEN: Tina Stinnes

21-year-old Tina Stinnes lasted 20 days in the villa, entering on Day 20 and being dumped on Day 40.

Tina coupled up with both Troy and Adam during her time in the villa.

NOW: Tina Stinnes

She wasn't on the show long, but Tina certainly established a good relationship with her cast mates, especially Olivia Bowen, who she is still great friends with.

After appearing on Love Island, Tina went on to appear on Made In Chelsea and she was even romantically linked with Love Island series 4 star Eyal Booker.

She's now also loved up with her new boyfriend.

THEN: Tom Powell

Welsh boy Tom Powell was an OG cast member on series two, entering the villa on Day 1.

Despite being dumped on Day 33, Tom coupled up with Sophie during his time on the show.

NOW: Tom Powell

Tom is now an Online Health & Fitness coach, making bespoke plans for his clients who want to 'change their lives for the better'.

THEN: Zara Holland

Zara Holland entered the Love Island villa on Day 1, holding the crown of Miss Great Britain at the time, at just 20-years-old.

After being filmed having sex on camera with Alex Bowen, Zara was famously stripped of her title whilst she was in the villa.

NOW: Zara Holland

Zara never got her title back and later confessed she feels she was unfairly targeted for her actions.

In March 2022, Zara announced she is now engaged to her boyfriend of six years Elliot Love, after he popped the question in Dubai.

THEN: Rykard Jenkins

After entering the villa on Day 1, 25-year-old Rykard Jenkins become a real fan favourite.

Despite coupling with both Malin and Olivia early on in the show, Rykard only had eyes for Rachel Fenton when she arrived on Day 7.

After Rachel was dumped from the show after just one week, Rykard made the decision to walk so the pair could continue with their romance.

NOW: Rykard Jenkins

Despite walking from the villa to be with Rachel, the pair parted ways following 18 months together.

Rykard went on to appear on ITV2 reality show Ibiza Weekender in 2017, and he's also the Practitioner


Director of Rejuvenation Clinic.

Rykard is now dating DJ Siân Carys Owen.

THEN: Rachel Fenton

Rachel Fenton's time in the Love Island villa was short, but certainly sweet. Although she was dumped on Day 15, Rykard left with her, with the pair continuing their romance outside of the villa.

NOW: Rachel Fenton

Following her split with Rykard, Rachel went back to her job as an NHS nurse, working through the Coronavirus pandemic.

In January 2021, Rachel revealed she was leaving her job to move over to Dubai with her boyfriend.

Love Island 2016 star Sophie Gradon tragically passed away in June 2018, with her Love Island co-stars paying tribute at the time.

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