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"As this is a vacation, I have more freedom than usual! And I mean that in more ways than one. Even as a Servant, I cannot defy the magic of Summer. Know that it'll take more than a Command Seal or two to stop me, Master!"

A rose by any other name would still be a rose, and the Rose Empress exemplifies this as she dons her swimsuit. Taking full advantage of how she can shape her Golden Theater as she sees fit, Nero Claudius (Caster) delivers a sonorous aria via her AoE Buster NP, Laudatum Domus Illustris, the strength of which renders a keen and unforgettable experience to even the most stalwart of beings.

It’s rare for a Servant to have 3 skills impressive enough that each could be considered another Servant’s strongest skill, along with useful passive skills and, for a Caster, good base stats. Nero’s first skill Rampaging Privilege is a powerful battery skill that includes a strong, if conditional, NP Gain Up. Meanwhile, both Seven Crowns and Undying Magus offer a nice mix of defensive and massive offensive buffs to improve her damage and ensure her survival. Furthermore, Nero (Caster)’s Arts cards in particular generate a large amount of NP gauge thanks to their high hit counts and her Territory Creation. Thus, with an easily charged NP and hefty damage buffs, Nero possesses all the ideal characteristics of a farming Servant.

As far as weaknesses go, outside of Undying Magus’ ability to be given to someone else, Nero is a selfish diva, especially since Undying Magus will often be used for herself. Unlike many other damage dealers, she’s primarily reliant on her NP for damage, especially if her skills aren’t active. Her NP generation is also heavily focused on her 2 Arts cards as both her Quick and Extra card are relatively weak. In addition, for longer fights, Undying Magus’ cooldown is rather hefty, especially as it is often used just for the Attack buff.

At the very least, Nero (Caster) has all the tools she needs to farm well. Even for challenging content, her reliance on NP damage is not a huge detriment when she can potentially use her NP twice before her buffs expire, all the while Seven Crowns gives her a potent defensive option against difficult Berserkers or as protection in mixed nodes. Umu, a fitting stage is thus set for the Rose Empress.


Strong Farming and Burst Damage Potential

When all of her skills are maxed and used on herself, Nero (Caster) has access to a 50% NP charge, 80% Attack Up, and a minimum of 20% NP Damage Up based on Overcharge, making it easy for her to prepare and slaughter foes with her NP. In addition, her BBAAQ will makes it easy to draw more damaging Buster chains which is ideal for finishing the toughest enemy in a wave.

Unique Defensive Potential

Seven Crowns gives Nero (Caster) a unique defensive option by negating her Class’ weakness when taking damage from classes such as Alter Egos, Berserkers, and Riders, in addition to the Defense Up it provides. In the event she suffers lethal damage, Undying Magus can bring her back to 1 HP, possibly giving her an additional turn to act. Lastly, Item Creation (Strange) grants her an extra passive 10% received healing bonus, which often adds up over the course of a Challenge Quest.

Targetable Attack and Guts Support

While Undying Magus’ Attack buff is often used for Nero herself, Masters can grants its guts and up to 50% Attack buff to a different Servant. This is mainly valuable while farming as Nero often deals sufficient damage for wave 1 or 2 without it, leaving Undying Magus to the Servant that cleans up wave 3.

Impressive Arts Card NP Generation

Nero (Caster)’s Arts cards are some of the best Arts cards in the game at generating NP gauge, thanks to their high hit counts and Territory Creation. This can be increased even more if she satisfies the conditional effect for Rampaging Privilege.

High Hit Count Synergy

If provided with any form of Critical Star Generation Up, Nero (Caster)’s high hit counts on all but her regular Buster cards can make her an interesting active Critical Star generator.


Poor Non-Arts NP Gain Performance

Though she has decent hit counts for both her Buster and Quick cards, they are not as effective at generating NP gauge as her Arts cards. Thus, as even her Extra card isn’t very powerful, Masters would do well not to waste any Arts draws.

Long and Mismatched Skill Cooldowns

Each of Nero (Caster)’s skills have different cooldown times, ranging from 5 to 7 turns when maxed. With her main targetable steroid having the longest cooldown, setting up her full burst potential can be an issue in longer fights.

Lack of Hard Defense

While Nero (Caster) possesses fairly strong defensive options in Seven Crowns and Undying Magus, they need to be paired with other defensive options to handle enemy NPs or critical hits as neither effects are sufficient to deal with high burst damage. In addition, Undying Magus will generally be used more often for its Attack Up potential than its Guts effect, which means the guts portion often goes to waste or is not accessible.

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Rampaging Privilege EX

Increase own NP Gauge.
If own HP is less than 50%, increase own NP Gain (3 turns).

Show Info

NP +30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
NP Rate +30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
Seven Crowns C

Increase own ATK (3 turns).
Increase own DEF (3 turns).
Apply Trait Change: Ignore Class Disadvantage when taking damage (3 turns).

Show Info

Attack +20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
Defense +20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
Undying Magus A

Apply Guts to an ally (1 time, 3 turns). (Revives with 1 HP)
Increase ATK for an ally (3 turns).

Show Info

Attack +30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%

All 3 of Nero’s skills are powerful, to the point that raising them to 10 is just as important for the improved effects they provide in addition to theaccompanying cooldown reduction. That said, Rampaging Privilege is generally the most important skill to level as a 50% NP Charge opens up a whole plethora of CEs with which to still activate an NP Instantly. Afterwards, Masters ought to level Seven Crowns and Undying Magus concurrently, as Seven Crowns grants sustain while Undying Magus provides more burst potential.

  • Even if all Rampaging Privilege EX offered was 30%-50% NP gauge on use, it would still be Nero (Caster)’s most important skill to raise to 10 for the synergy with various hybrid Craft Essences. It also has a conditional bonus NP Gain Up that scales the same amount, but the effect will only activate when Nero (Caster) is at half or less HP. Level this first.

  • While Seven Crowns C is Nero’s main sustain skill as it provides both 20%-30% Attack Up and Defense Up for 3 turns. While situational in its application, the negation of class disadvantage when taking damage from Alter Egos, Berserkers, and Riders gives Nero (Caster) an edge in some challenging content with multiple classes. Level it primarily for the cooldown, and either level this last normally, or second if Masters want more sustain.

  • Undying Magus A is Nero’s main targetable Attack Up steroid and is well worth raising for the massive 50% Attack buff. It also has a minor defensive property thanks to the Guts effect it provides, though it does not improve with levels and expires after 3 turns. While less important to max out than Rampaging Privilege, it’s best leveled second to improve Nero’s support and burst damage potential.

Craft Essence Recommendation

The Black Grail
Heaven's Feel
Holy Night Supper
Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament
Partake with the King
Devilish Bodhisattva
Dragon's Meridian
Hero Elly's Adventure
Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
Kaleid Ruby
Limited/Zero Over
Verdant Sound of Destruction

Like many of her strong NP battery peers, Nero (Caster)’s Rampaging Privilege makes it easier for her to use stronger CEs and still rapidly NP. Hybrid Starting NP Gauge CEs that offer 50% NP Gauge are attractive to enable her to NP quickly. For improving damage, Nero (Caster) is best off using something that provides Buster Performance Up, NP Damage Up, or a combination of the two. Attack Up is less useful for her if she’s using Undying Magus for herself, but otherwise it’s an alright option to consider.

  • The Black Grail / Heaven’s Feel: Though her NP already grants her NP Damage Up, the sheer amount of NP Damage Up offered by these two CEs increases her damage more than other damage-related CEs can, especially once external buffs are considered.

  • Holy Night Supper: Similar to The Black Grail and Heaven’s Feel, Nero (Caster)’s NP damage benefits more from the NP Damage Up this CE provides than additional Attack Up from Golden Sumo.

  • Golden Sumo: While not a bad CE in and of itself, Nero (Caster) will benefit from other damage related CEs more often than not as it stacks additively with her own Attack buffs.

  • Partake with the King: Though the Buster Up is relatively low, the minimum 50% Starting NP Gauge it provides can make it a decent option if low on good 50% Starting NP Gauge CEs.

  • Devilish Bodhisattva:Devilish Bodhisattva is an option for a single powerful NP, but its split stats make it less optimal.

  • Dragon’s Meridian: If nothing else, a MLB version gives Nero (Caster) the minimum 50% Starting NP Gauge necessary to NP from her own skills only.

  • Hero Elly’s Adventure / Demon King of the Sixth Heaven / Kaleid Ruby: Though not as powerful as The Black Grail, the mix of Buster Up and NP Damage Up these CEs provide make them attractive options for pure damage-related CEs.

  • Limited/Zero Over /Verdant Sound of Destruction: All of these CEs provide Buster Performance Up, the only damage type buff that Nero (Caster) is missing from her own skills for her NP’s damage.

Table of Contents

  • Status
  • Analysis
  • Profile

Other Info

Release Date7/29/2019
Country/Place of Origin
IllustratorWada Arco
Seiyuu (CV)Tange Sakura















Character Info

"Summer means a resort.
A resort means a luxurious hotel.
And a luxurious hotel means a specialty arena!
Emperor Nero has changed this golden theater to summer specs, ready to prism IN towards the summer sea! Got it?
I'm taking the sunlight to ride the flowing water!
This time for sure, I will have my song echo through Chaldea!"

Rumor has it that this class is a better fit for her than the Saber class.

Profile 1

Height/Weight: 150cm, 42kg
Origin: History
Region: Rome
Alignment: Chaotic-Summer
Gender: Female
Surprisingly, even when she's a Caster, her status is no different than when she was a Saber (excluding her Noble Phantasm).

Profile 2

A self-proclaimed universal genius.
She was a cross-dressing beauty as a Saber (or so she says), but this time around, she is not hiding the fact that she is a beauty, and is enjoying the summer ocean wholeheartedly.
She may love herself, but she also loves the people around her. Combining narcissism and philanthropy, the fifth emperor of Rome has a truly interesting set of values.
Utilizing all her knowledge learned from the mage Simon to its fullest extent, Emperor Nero created a Mystic Code, or rather a Theatrical Code, for herself.
The pipe organs floating on either side of her body converts her beautiful voice to ATK, and gloriously shoots out lasers, fireworks, and bombs.

So how does a singing voice cause damage, you ask?
Nero still has yet to realize the cruel truth.

Profile 3

[Laudatum Domus Illustris]
Rank: A NP Type: Anti-Army 
Maximum Capacity: 500 persons
Glorious Song, Golden Theater.
Just when you think that the wind pipe instruments were added to the golden theater, you realize they are actually cannons.
It's unclear whether this was someone's wild idea, or if the architect was of sound mind. But...pipe organs really do look like artillery. Such is the complex history of how this musical theater fortress was born.

As Nero acquired her Spirit Origin as a singer, she is demonstrating that talent to its fullest extent.
The golden theater is not limited within the theater walls, and her singing voice can be heard outside by simply pointing past its walls...instantly making it an outdoor concert stage.

Profile 4

Rampaging Privilege: EX
A skill altered from Imperial Privilege.
It is derived from the story of Olympia running amok with a chariot. It's like a skill one learned from a former trade...a skill that promises first place, no matter what.

Dreams for Summer: A
Beach Flower, Nero version.
While showing off one's own beauty, the beauty is for those who smile on the beach. However... (That was lost from the skill...)

Seven Crowns: C
Its scent thickens the sword and sharpens the armor.
Its method becomes vague, any disadvantages become meaningless.

Undying Magus: A
Magecraft learned from Simon Magus, her erstwhile mentor. Simon offered himself up for beheading, and resurrected.

Profile 5

Last time, Nero fumed at not being invited to the festival in the southern isles.
This time around, she prepared herself by getting a swimsuit to be certain she would be ready to join the festivities. That's about when the Ishtar Cup began, so she signed up enthusiastically.
However, she discovers that she needs a teammate, so she pulls Altria Alter aside, who was just passing by, and a miraculous team was formed.

Her favorite car is the Red Venus.
For any of you wondering why the name Venus was used, go check out "Fate/EXTELLA."

Profile 6

Her philosophy of racing is very aggressive.
She'll tail anyone ahead of her, bang into them a few times, and then pull ahead.

As Nero considers all teams to be good rivals, her ideal method would be to tap into the competition's good racing features while besting them.
Alter, on the other hand, couldn't care less about that sort of thing, and simply tries to win. As their goals are essentially the same, they actually don't fight...making them a miracle team.

Voice Lines

Battle Start 1The burning summer... I'll give you a passionate performance!
Battle Start 2Captivated? By me? Umu! You're so honest!
Skill 1This summer's going to be all about me!
Skill 2This is the highlight. Leave it to me!
Skill 3Rnnnrrrr, rnnnnrrr, fireworks go ka-boom!
Skill 4Niiice, niiice, niiice body♪!
Command Card 1I'm gonna shine!
Command Card 2Are you going to be my song's hook?
Command Card 3My audience has no manners!
Noble Phantasm Card 1Olympia Plaudere!
Let the festivities begin!
Noble Phantasm Card 2Are you prepared? There's no stopping me now!
Attack 1Fire!
Attack 2Scatter like brilliant flower petals!
Attack 3Don't move!
Attack 4B-b-b-b-boom!
Extra Attack 1Fall like a shooting star!
Extra Attack 2Slash Emperor, heading out!
Noble Phantasm 1The theater comes forth from the sea...
Luxurious! Majestic! Yet graceful!
Take a look! This is truly the proud singing Illustris...!
And so, this is my golden theater!
Noble Phantasm 2Enjoy it. This is the prime aurora...
Hahaha! Who's that?
Is it a beauty? Is it Rome? It's me, of course!
Laudatum Domus Illustris!
Damage 1This is what summer's about!
Damage 2What are you doing?!
Incapacitated 1Fool, I was just about to get serious!
Incapacitated 2I'm a bit tired, so I'm gonna rest.
Victory 1It was a great concert! Look forward to the next one!
Victory 2U-umu... Maybe I was a bit too flashy…
Level upLevel up!
Nero's singing powers up!
I'm going to say it again:
My singing power's super-duper up!
Ascension 1THIS is what I'm talking about!
This isn't a Mystic Code, but a Theater Code!
The things that look like cannons are wind instruments. Just accept it!
Ascension 2This is what's called a trivial matter.
There was no drastic change this time. Just grin and bear it.
Look forward to next time!
Ascension 3Heh...I don't blame you for staring. Even I think I look amazing.
My modeling skills are at their peak when I'm on fire!
Ascension 4Is the summer theater to your liking, Master?
Illustris is Latin for showing one's splendor.
As long as I have this summer, and everyone's cheers, the water theater will continue to shine...
No, the most important cheer is from the one before me now.Umu! In that case, summer will go on!
It means that for now, my sun is yet to set!
Bond Level 1I am finally in a swimsuit!
It was a long road, getting here...
When I heard that the Caster Fox beat me to it, I was THIS close to using Magna Voluisse Magnum!
But take a look at this pristine beauty of physical perfection!
I win!
Bond Level 2Let me tell you why I'm a Caster.
When I was Emperor, there was a mage in Rome named Simon.
He was foul-mouthed, big-headed, and overall a nasty guy. But I took a liking to him.
And I also learned a bit about magecraft from him.
...So it's not like I brute-forced my way into the Caster class, got it?
Bond Level 3The golden theater is built upon by my own vision, so changing it into a summer theme is no difficult task!
I hear that there were various types of pools where you came from, Master. My own Rome was also the best when it came to bathing houses. I wanted to show you that prowess.
Bond Level 4(Mumble, mumble) ...Ah, my eyelids are heavy...
Vacation is exquisite...
Under the hot sunlight, I spread oil over myself while indulging in juicy fruits...and get pinched by a coconut crab...
Ah, that last bit was unnecessary, wasn't it?
Bond Level 5Let's go swimming, Master!
No matter how many great Roman Emperors there are, there is no other better suited to summer fun than me!
This swimsuit...this for my contractor!
Everything of this glistening theater shall bless the summer!
Conversation 1Do-re-mi-!
Ahem! As you can hear, I am always ready to go!
Care to take a listen to the grandiose singing skills of my Caster form?
Conversation 2I may be in a swimsuit, but I am still the true Emperor.
Nothing is impossible when it comes to summer and the least for the most part!
I can even hunt mussels!
Conversation 3Since we're on vacation, I am more carefree than usual. In many ways.
I may be a Servant, but I cannot compete against the magical energy of summer.
Don't think a Command Spell or two would be able to stop me, Master!
Conversation 4 (Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer))H-how shameless...b-being in a wet t-shirt!
But that's my rival we're talking about here. I cannot help but admire her willingness to do whatever it takes to win.
But will my Theater Code let her off so easy, I wonder?
Conversation 5 (Elisabeth Bathory (Brave))I never thought Elisabeth would be in a swimsuit, too!
Umu, umu. She has made the best of that eel-like body of hers to be in that skimpy swimsuit for the kill!
I like it! But she still needs to do a proper fitting!
...Though, I just don't understand those shoulder pads... They're like the plumage worn by those dancers at the carnival in Rio... I don't understand...
Conversation 6 (Altria Pendragon (Rider Alter))Even the heartless maid is here!
Master, you must get rid of her immediately!
What do you think she did when I ordered her to bring me a glass of cold coconut milk?
She destroyed that coconut right in front of my face!
Conversation 7 (Altria Pendragon (Rider Alter) + Altria Pendragon (Archer))Master. I just saw a Servant at the beach wearing a green cape with a crown, with an unexplainable yet sunny smile on her face, shooting off hydro lasers. Do you know of her?
I did not greet her since I only saw her from afar, but she seems a good Servant. Her face even resembles mine.
If she's that much of a beauty, I would like to have her serve me as one of my subordinates...
I already know that Servant?
That's a funny joke, Master.
LikesWhat I like...? That should be obvious.
A single red rose that glistens even by the sea...
Do I really need to spell out who I'm talking about, hmmmm?
DislikesWhat I dislike...? That would be the coldhearted, unfriendly maid.
We get along, but there's nothing appealing about her!
About the Holy GrailDo not speak of the Holy Grail. That would ruin the fun mood of the festival.
I may wish for prosperity, but I do not want to indulge in greed.
During an EventHahahaha! It seems an event has begun...
But in terms of sheer magnitude, my own theater is more than a match!
Let's go take it over, Master!
BirthdayI know... It is your birthday, isn't it?
Leave it to me. I've ordered mounds of delicacies from the southern countries!
SummonSurprised by the sudden swimsuit? I bet you're surprised!
Umu, I am ecstatic too! My heart is racing!
Caster, Nero Claudius, here to answer your summon!
Let's make this an unforgettable summer!
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 1Nero: We'll blow away anyone who gets in our way! Umu, That's what competition's all about!
Alter: Agreed. We won't hold back, even if this is just a race.
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 2Alter: We're returning to the race! Hurry up and get in!
Nero: Ungh. I'm in the passenger seat now!? Fine! Show me your driving skills!
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 3Nero: Unbelievable! I'm having fun! You impress me, Trench Coat!
Alter: Hmph. You as well, Drama Queen. It's a shame we're on the same team!
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 4Nero: Ungh! Why am I, of all people, doing such a thing!?
Alter: Don't rest your hand. No work, no play.
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 5Alter: Watch carefully. This is how you use a spoon...!
Nero: Impossible...! Dual-wielding!?
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 6Nero: I'm beat. I want to take a bath.
Alter: Be patient. Wait until we are outside.
...I'm am not any happier about this.
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 7Nero: Leave it to us! This race is ours!
Alter: I shall eliminate interlopers with live ammunition.
That is racing 101.
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 8Alter: We brake for nothing. Remember that.
Nero: Hey, even I brake occasionally, you know. What are you, some kind of boor?
Alter: Do not mention Demon Boars to me!
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 9Nero: Run like a rose, like a rose♪
Padoru padoru through the moon sea, the moon sea♪
Alter: Hm hm hmmm, hm hm hmmm...♪
Hm hm hm hmhmmm...♪
Nero: Umu, we are in high spirits!
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 10Alter: We broke through the wall.
It's finally time for our meet-up.
Nero: Umu, you can go out first.
The light is hurting my eyes.
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 11Alter: Mission complete.
We need a new spoon.
Nero: Give me a break. Shouldn't we at least have smuggled in a shovel?
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 12Nero: Ah, I see light!
We managed to get by again!
Alter: ...Hm? Sorry, I fell asleep.
Even maids need rest.
Dead Heat Summer Race! Team Conversation 13Nero: This is a great honor!
Everyone, thank you, thank you!
Go on, Salty Maid, wave!
We have triumphed!
Alter: L-like this? ...What is so funny? I can read the room too, and I am truly grateful for this applause.
Nero: I see. I am glad to hear that! Then all together now!
Alter: R-right, all together.
Nero & Alter: Hurray! Victory is ours!

Valentine's CE

Too Beautiful Chocolate Emperor


Limited - Can only be summoned during certain events

Future Banners

Banner (Add 2 years for NA Date)JP Period

Nero Claudius (Caster) (17)
[JP] 7th Anniversary Lucky Bag Guaranteed Summon (Class x Year)

Banner Type:

Nero Claudius (Caster) (18)
[JP] 7th Anniversary Limited Servant Daily Pickup Summon

Banner Type:

Nero Claudius (Caster) (19)
[JP] New Year's 2025 Class x NP Type Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon

Banner Type:

Nero Claudius (Caster) (20)
[JP] Revival: Battle in New York and Nero Fes Pickup Summon (Daily)

Banner Type:

Nero Claudius (Caster) (21)
[JP] FGO New Year 2026 Lucky Bag Summon (Gender x NP Type)

Banner Type:
Guaranteed Gacha

Nero Claudius (Caster) (22)
[JP] Evocation Festival 8 Pickup Summon (Daily)

Banner Type:

Past Banners

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