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West Allis City Ordinances prohibit parking on City of West Allis streets from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. without a permit or permission. This allow the City to perform daily maintenance on the streets (e.g., snow plowing, street sweeping, leaf collection). Night parking, where permitted, shall be restricted to the even-numbered side of the street on those nights with an even calendar date before midnight, and to the odd-numbered side of the street on those nights with an odd calendar date before midnight. For more information, see our overnight parking flyer. West Allis City Ordinances also prohibit parking in City of West Allis municipal lots without a permit. Parking regulations are in effect every day/night of the year. Fine amounts for violations can be found here.


Permits can be purchased by completing the online form, visiting the West Allis Police Department, 11301 W. Lincoln Av., Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. (excluding holidays), or visiting West Allis City Hall (Customer Service Center), 7525 W. Greenfield Av., Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays).The Police Department accepts cash, check, or credit card. City Hall accepts cash or check.

Permits available for purchase are:

  • Monthly permit - first day to the last day of the calendar month
  • Quarterly permit (1st quarter = January, February, March; 2nd quarter = April, May, June; 3rd quarter = July, August, September; 4th quarter = October, November, December).
  • Yearly permit (January 1st - December 31st).


Special permission for overnight parking may be obtained by completing the online form anytime before 3 a.m. No permission will be granted after 3 a.m. You will be required to provide the location of the parked vehicle, the vehicle’s license plate number, and the reason for the request. Special overnight parking permission may be requested a maximum of three times in any calendar month.

For additional information about calling in your vehicle over the phone, please call 414-302-8100.


Some common

  • The City of West Allis uses an electronic permitting system which means applying for and paying for a parking permit will ensure the West Allis Police Department knows your vehicle has a valid permit.
  • If you have a handicap placard, please stop into the West Allis Police Department with your State ID Card, your handicap placard, and your vehicle information. Copies of these documents can also be emailed to Eligible vehicles will be added to the electronic list. You must continue to properly display your handicap placard and follow overnight parking rules in the City of West Allis. If your vehicle has disabled license plates, there is no need to register with the City of West Allis.
  • Any mistyped license plate or VIN information or falsification of any information on a permit application may result in a citation or arrest.
  • The permit fee shall be paid upon application. Permit fees include applicable state sales tax.
  • No part of any permit fee shall be refundable at any time.
  • A police officer has the right to override any permission/permit if the vehicle is otherwise parked illegally (e.g., in front of a fire hydrant) or if the vehicle cannot be legally parked on the street overnight (e.g., trailer, boat, vehicle is excess of 8,000 pounds).
  • Failure to pay parking citations will result in the suspension of your license plates.
  • For questions, contact the West Allis Police Department's Records Unit at (414) 302-8080, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

There shall be no parking (with or without a permit):

  • In violation of any parking regulation
  • If parking is not allowed on a certain side of a street. You must park on a different street
  • If parking is not allowed on a certain side/stall, you must park in a different location (municipal lots only)
  • In violation of Snow Emergency Regulations (not applicable for municipal lots)
  • In violation of Winter Parking Regulations (not applicable for municipal lots)

The following motor vehicles are NOT eligible for parking permits:

  • Motor vehicles in excess of 8000 pounds
  • Motor vehicles with a truck registration "D" series or above (not applicable for municipal lots)
  • Trucks in excess of twenty feet (not applicable for municipal lots)
  • Trucks equipped with truck campers
  • Mobile homes, camping trailers, travel trailers, motorized camping vans
  • All-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, boats
  • Electronic personal mobility devices
  • Utility trailers and non-motorized vehicles
  • Commercial motor vehicles: vehicles including passenger vehicles used for commercial purposes like delivery vans, taxis, vehicles registered to a company, firm, business or corporation, or vehicles with company decals or markings.
Parking | West Allis, WI (2024)
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