Synchro Device and Leveling Guide | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (2024)

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During the course of the game, Commanders will have to pull for characters called as Nikke. As the story progresses and as you explore each game stage,opponents will grow strongerthan the previous one. Hence, there is always a need to enhance your Nikke to make sure they can catch up. To help you here’s everything about Nikke andways how to unlock their full potential.

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This section from the Nikke tab found at the bottom left of your screen shows all of the information about a particular Nikke that you own.

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Nikkes are divided into three rarity: Rare (R), Super Rare (SR) and Super Super Rare (SSR). As the name implies, you have higher chances of receiving Rare types than Super Super Rare, but getting SSRs is much preferable as they are normally stronger or more viable than the rest of the types.


After obtaining Nikke through Recruitment, the first thing you must do is to level them up to help them survive each skirmishes.

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To do so, you must spend Credits and Battle Data Set to increase their level and the amount you’ll need will further increase for the next upgrade. For every ten levels, Commanders must consume Core Dust to enhance them. These materials can be easily obtained from Campaign, Tribe Tower and Outpost Defense (don’t forget to claim these) and more. Aside from this, there are other ways to level up your Nikkes.

Synchro Device

You can use at most five Nikkes to form a single team that you can deploy to decimate Raptures and complete objectives. Enhancing them however, will take A LOT of resources. That said, it is optimal to focus on five Nikkes or your main team first before leveling them up. But in case you want to build another Nikke outside of your team, you can make use of the Synchro Device.

Synchro Device is a device you can use to synchronize Nikke’s level to another, so you won’t have to use resources instead. Synchro Device automatically picks five Nikkes of the highest level, and the lowest among these five will determine the Synchro Level. Upgrading the lowest level however, will automatically increase the Synchro Level as well.

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After doing so, you will be given five slots where you can placeat most five Nikkesin the slot. Nikkes placed in these slots will automatically have the same level as the Synchro Level until they are removed. Synchronized Nikke’s levels will then depend on it, andcannot be upgradedwhile it is assigned to the slot.

By default, you canonlyinclude five in the slot. If you plan to add another slot, you must firstspend500 Free or Paid Gems.

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If all five Nikkes are upgraded to the maximum level, enhancement will be given. Assigned Nikkes will then be changed to the Synchro Level.

Nikkes in the slot can be removed or replaced. This will put them back to their original level and the slot will be put on cooldown for 4 hours. During this time, you cannot fill this up with a Nikke.

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Advanced Synchro

When Nikke’s reach level 200, Advanced Synchro Unlocks. Each level consumes a massive amount of battle cores; 10,000 per level. Leveling up Advanced synchro is the same as leveling up all your units currently in the synchro device. There is also a cap of how high you can level advanced synchro your units. The formula to increase said level is as follows

  1. 1 LB = 1.33 levels
  2. 1 Unique character = 1 level
  3. Cores do not count
  4. SSR’s and SR’s are included in the formula
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Level Reset

Currently, there are sixty Nikkes in the game and for new players, it is advisable to invest on what you’ve got so far while waiting for your preferred character to show up. After all, this will not be a waste of resources as you can reset Nikkes and refund all resources used. Doing so will cost you ten gems.

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Limit Break

Limit Breaking is only available upon getting another duplicate or Spare Body. After doing so, this particular Nikke’s level cap will increase by 40. For SR characters, they can only undergo limit break twice to reach level 160, while SSR characters can go up to level 200 after having three dupes. Limit break however, is not available for R Nikkes.

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For SR Nikkes, limit breaking can only occur twice. In SSR’s case, three limit break which is the maximum. But beyond this point, your next duplicate will be used for Core Up. Core Up grants 2% increase in all of your stats and this can reach for up to 7 core up for a total of 14% increase.

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Level Progression and Recommendations

This part of the article aims to guide you on where to focus what resource boxes to farm/ get (Such as event stage farming , Co-op shops, and event shops)

  • At level 1-100, you may focus on battle data. You have to push through content as much as you can as well to get further outpost levels and building blueprints to upgrade Tactic academy as they provide upgrades that furthers your resource gain, more info below. (User may opt to save Battle data and Credit boxes until they reach certain Tactic Academy Upgrades).
  • At level 101-120, Credits may become an issue because of equipment upgrades, a balance between both battle data and credits is needed.
  • At level 121-160 Battle Data and Credits become very needed here compared to core dust. However the User may opt to focus long term and start saving up some core dust boxes (From event stage farming, Co-op shop and other sources) as they are very needed for levels beyond 200+. This is where the MLB wall occurs as well, where you need 5 Max limit break (unit + 3 dupes) to break through level 160 to level up normally. A lot of F2P and light spenders get stuck here.
  • At levels 161-200, Recommendations for 121-160 still apply here with the exception of Credits becoming slightly more of a priority rather than Battle data (Core dust are still extremely important to farm). The reasoning for this is Credits equipment upgrades for t9 are quite expensive (around 1m+ for t9 equipment, even more credits is needed if user gets lucky and gets t9 manufacture equipment).
  • At levels 200+, Core dust is all you need and want, with the occasional credit farm if needed for equipment. Battle data is practically useless at these levels, which is why farming data at 161+ isn’t recommended if User is patient enough. each level beyond 200+ requires 10k battle dust, which is essentially 9-10 days per level from outpost alone.

Tactics Academy

Here are the important Resource acquisition upgrades to help you plan out when to use resource boxes if needed.

1-2 Credit increase by 10%
2-3 Credit increase by 10%
4-2 Credit increase by 10%
5-3 Credit increase by 10%
7-2 Credit increase by 10%
8-3 Credit increase by 10%

Battle data/Combat Portrait
1-3 Battle data increase by 10%
5-2 Battle data increase by 15%
8-2 Battle data increase by 20%

Core Dust
3-2 Core dust increase by 10%
6-2 Core dust increase by 15%
9-2 Core dust increase by 20%

Synchro Slot Unlock
6-1 Unlocks 5 additional Synchro Device slots
8-1 Unlocks 5 additional Synchro Device slots
9-1 Unlocks 5 additional Synchro Device slots

Some Tactic Academy upgrades are locked behind certain building blueprints, please click here to see where the building blueprints are located if needed.

Resource Calculator

If you know your way around Google sheets and want a resource calculator, check this Document and make a copy so you are able edit values.

Credits to: Khoners#8407 (Maintainer)

Outpost Level Calculator

To gauge what outpost level the player will be in after clearing specific stages alongside resources given per hour, check here!

Synchro Device and Leveling Guide | Nikke: Goddess of Victory (2024)
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